I started in photography shortly after I started riding motorcycles. But pin-hole cameras for Design School are a long way from DSLR and twenty years of engineering is a long way from Design School.

When I started digital SLR, I attended New York Institute of Photography and began to focus on areas where I had a common interest, but no longer actively participated, sports, motorsports.


Club racing offers little opportunity for making photography a business and it's an expensive hobby.


I started 'working' co-workers high-school baseball games.  This work ultimately lead to a freelance stint with the News & Observer.  My real job prevent me from devoting the required energy to make more of it.

2015 brings yet new focus, as my constant love of dogs has lead me to explore agility training for several of my pack members and the acquisition of a Havanese has introduced me to the show dog world through the breeder and friends.  Opportunities for photography abound.

My wife of many years, also a photographer, joins me in this new endeavor.  The site name "flash of paw" is from a show dog expression, but applicable across all forms of dog photography, thus the name 'flashofpaw.com'